Gracetown Body Polish

  • Our earthy body polish is filled with calming & healing essential oils lavender, frankincense & rose geranium to help remove dry, dead skin cells while boosting hydration & antioxidants into the skin. Assisting in healing & repair for skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis & psoriasis.  This body polish is perfect for sensitive & dry skin types. 


    DIRECTIONS: Start the shower, get naked & apply a handful of our delicious coffee body polish to wet skin. Rub quickly in circular motion, leave it on the skin for a few minutes so the oils can absorb &  rinse off with water. Leaving your skin smooth, hydrated & glowing.


    SAFETY: Keep all products cool, dry & re-sealed after every use.If skin irritations occur please stop use. Avoid putting your face under the water. Some essential oils may not be safe during pregnancy please consult your doctor before use.


    INGREDIENTS: Ground coffee, rose & geranium essential oil, lavender essenial oil, frankincense essential oil, evening primrose oil, coconut oil, canola oil, pomegranate seed oil, vitamin E, salt, raw sugar, natural preservative.

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